Tips for Long, full Eyelashes

NO – Long, full lashes? Yes it is possible! We have put together a few handy tips to get those beautifully groomed, long lashes . No more glued eyelashes after these tips!

Tip 1: Conditioner for your eyelashes

Requirements: Almond oil, olive oil or Vaseline and a clean mascara brush. Application: Apply in the evening with a clean mascara brush almond oil, olive oil or Vaseline on your eyelashes. Start as close as possible to the onset of your eyelashes. This treatment is for extra care.

Tip 2: Choose the right mascara

Before you buy a mascara it is useful to ask yourself what effect you want to achieve. Study your eyelashes and see what they need. Color : If you only want to color the eyelashes, then a good mascara is enough. The most sold mascara colors are brown and black. Volume: More volume ? Then go for a volume of mascara. This mascara contains more wax and silicone and therefore lays an extra layer around the eyelashes, making them appear fuller. Longer : A ‘long lash’ mascara contains synthetic fibers and lengthens the eyelashes. They also seem fuller immediately. Curly: With a ‘curling’ mascara you can easily shape your eyelashes. This mascara usually has a special brush shape and contains a gel-like substance that strengthens the shape. There are also mascaras that contain more than one property.

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