Tips for Long, full Eyelashes

NO – Long, full lashes? Yes it is possible! We have put together a few handy tips to get those beautifully groomed, long lashes . No more glued eyelashes after these tips!

Tip 1: Conditioner for your eyelashes

Requirements: Almond oil, olive oil or Vaseline and a clean mascara brush. Application: Apply in the evening with a clean mascara brush almond oil, olive oil or Vaseline on your eyelashes. Start as close as possible to the onset of your eyelashes. This treatment is for extra care.

Tip 2: Choose the right mascara

Before you buy a mascara it is useful to ask yourself what effect you want to achieve. Study your eyelashes and see what they need. Color : If you only want to color the eyelashes, then a good mascara is enough. The most sold mascara colors are brown and black. Volume: More volume ? Then go for a volume of mascara. This mascara contains more wax and silicone and therefore lays an extra layer around the eyelashes, making them appear fuller. Longer : A ‘long lash’ mascara contains synthetic fibers and lengthens the eyelashes. They also seem fuller immediately. Curly: With a ‘curling’ mascara you can easily shape your eyelashes. This mascara usually has a special brush shape and contains a gel-like substance that strengthens the shape. There are also mascaras that contain more than one property.

How to Grow Your EYELASHES


Eyelash hairs grow about 1 cm per month, but we often find this too little. Here are some tips to make your eyelashes grow faster.


Vaseline I use in the sequel no longer just for my lips or dry skin, but also to make my eyelashes fuller and longer. It has never been officially proven that it promotes growth. However, there are numerous reactions from people to find on the internet who say they use it every night and that after a month they see clear results.

Wonder oil

Miracle oil, the real name is castor oil, was originally used as a laxative for pregnant women. Do not ask me who created it, but if you apply it to your lashes once a day with a cotton swab, it seems to work wonders. Your lashes get darker, fuller and longer.

Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Many people think that pimples or acne only occur in teenagers, but nothing is less true. Adults also have to deal with this skin problem. Only the big question is: how do you get rid of acne? Fortunately, there are enough tips to restore the impure skin and in principle you do not need many products for that.

Acne often occurs on the face, but also on the chest or back. The causes of acne are different and it is always advisable to go to the doctor or dermatologist if acne remains a ‘problem’.